Rick, my husband, and I have been watching the BBC DVD documentary entitled “How Art made the World”. The first part deals with the human form and how we as humans are wired to exaggerate our depiction of the human body.ART AND ANOTHER TIME
The documentary investigates rock art to the mother figurine to Egyptian art and then the Greeks. It is all Art and another time. Over my lifetime I have done hundreds and thousands of drawings of people. This habit of sketching people started in High School. I think I have a little ADHD because I cannot concentrate when someone is talking unless I draw someone and generally it was the teacher.
I once got caught drawing my teacher and she gave up worrying about me when she saw the portrait of herself. When I was young it was difficult for me to capture the likeness of the person whom I was sketching.
I have been so busy all these years perfecting the illusion of reality , that I ask myself where does the exaggeration come in? Am I not wired like other artists? It was all Art and another time. I am so besotted with drawing and capturing other people . Who knows, I might be exaggerating their portraits all the time without being aware of it. Maybe one day my drawings will be famous. Ha, ha. Who knows. It is all Art and another time.

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