Art by Collette Edmonds


Spring is here and half of the elephant has been eaten. In other words, I am half-way through preparing for the exhibition, which will be at Bamboo, Melville on the 7th of on eating half an elephant

“Babette’s Feast and Astrid’s Choice”.
That is the name of the exhibition and I have been on a six month journey – painting. I have taken the characters from the movie,”Babette’s Feast” and deconstructed everything into a painted story. Of course, the heroine is Babette. Through her generous giving of her lottery money to make the most splendid feast anyone in the Jutland peninsula of Denmark has ever experienced is quite remarkable and such an example. She reveals her true identity of being a cordon bleu chef. She had the top restaurant in Paris and gave an experience of her divine cooking to the simple people in the little village.

Astid ‘s choice compares with Babette. Astrid also cooked a French dinner as a gift to her friends and the Feast was constructed as the modern version of Babette.I have also printed and painted this part of the exhibition, which was also part of contributing to eating half of the elephant.
Now to eat the other half. The images are ready, but invitations must be sent out, banners made, wine bought and all the other things which go into making the exhibition a huge success. I invite you to come to the exhibition on the 7th of October and meet Babette and Astrid. Of course, there will be no elephant as it will be all consumed by then.

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