I decided to bring my new book, “Gone Girl”, by Gillian Flynn to read, when I went overseas on holiday. My husband, Rick and I found ourselves on the plane a week after my exhibition, “Babette’s Feast- Astrid’s Choice” had finished. I had eaten that elephant, but it seems that I was now travelling with a new exotic elephant to Spain and Morocco. I decided to bring a journal with me and to document everything we saw in sketches and drawings. This I did, but as time went by I added tickets, maps, museum flyers, postcards and anything else to make the book more interesting.Gone Girl

The moment we put our foot onto Spanish soil, I was a Gone Girl. After we left the Airport, we were whisked onto a Metro with thousands of other travellers. There were all sorts of people rocking on the train together. The first thing I noticed, were the women’s shoes. Young and old wore flat walking shoes. The older people had comfortable sensible looking shoes, but the young people never ceased to amaze me with their stylish choices. I looked down at my own shoes, pleased to see that they more or less fitted into the groove of Spanish foot-wear.

In the middle of my perusal of people’s feet, I was urgently jolted by Rick to get out at our station. The Gone Girl in me had to quickly get back to life, hall her suitcase out of the train and rumble up the stairs with thousands of other passengers to the top of the world where the city of Madrid stood. It was dark, but not so as the lights rounded everywhere filling a vision, It was like being in a giant movie set. Immediately I was Gone Girl. Thank goodness Rick had all his brains together and managed to navigate us to our Madrid residence so that much later in bed, I was able to read “Gone Girl” in bed before I drifted into a tired, but happy sleep.

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