Art by Collette Edmonds


Many years ago, whilst browsing in Exclusive Books store in Eastgate, I stumbled across a book which had a picture of a very strange, but exciting looking building on its’ cover. I was totally enchanted and paged, full of wonder, through the book and could hardly believe what I was seeing. At that time the name Gaudi meant very little to me and it was a total wonder that last year in October I had the privilege to visit the La Pedrera, in Barcelonan, Spain, which was the very building on the cover of the book which I had discovered in Eastgate.GAUDI

I must say that the visit to the La Pedrera filled me with mixed emotions. The roof of the house is really strange. I wondered what Gaudi had in mind when he built and designed it. Chimneys look like sentinels, steps go nowhere, some of the structures look like pawns on a chessboard. It is all fantastic. but it left me wondering.
Below this is the attic which has the most fantastic arches. One feels as though one is possibly in the top of a strange church or the insides of the large worm. References to a worm is not far from the truth as Gaudi had references to nature throughout his work, which is probably the reason why one is so drawn to his work.

Others, his contemporaries, were not as enchanted. The caricature of Cornet was published in Cu-Cut! which showed the sentiment of some of the people in Barcelona. Nevertheless Gaudi won the prize held for a competition for the best building constructed in Barcelona in 1989.
I now have several books on the works of Gaudi and am still just as enchanted.

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