Inside the Painter’s Studio

Inside the Painter’s Studio

I belong to a book club – not any old club, but an Artists’s book club. It was here that I discovered a book written by Joe Fig, called Inside the Painter’s Studio, 2009. Princeton Architectural Press. New York. In this book the Author describes his visits to various painter’s studios and how he interviews the artists and records for the reader the responses to his questions.Inside the Painter's Studio

This book has had an impact on me and has made me aware of my painter’s studio and how I live my life as an artist in comparison to these famous New York artists.
Joe Fig asked questions such as (and I am summarizing them):

  • The layout of the studio
  • A typical day that is spent in the studio
  • Whether the artist listens to the radio or music or nothing
  • What kind of paints do they use? ……..etc

Most artists seemed to start art their art career fairly young in their lives. They have a special Painter’s studio with special tables and lots of space in which to do large paintings. They generally seem to be working in their studio from 9am to 6pm. Most artists seem to work in silence and they work on one piece of work at a time.

Of course I am generalizing, but it has helped me to work in my painter’s studio furiously and pretend to be like them. I am squeezed into a tiny corner of the garage with two small tables on which to work. The one table has tubes of paint on it and the other is my mixing and working space on a paper pallette. I always work on a painting which rests on an easel. I listen to Radio 702 and the Oscar Pistorius trail has been very interesting. I find that by listening to all the ‘skinner’ and scandal that goes on, I relax and am able to work without stressing too much about what I am doing.

I am very happy in my corner in the garage. It is my escape from the world and I treasure the two to three hours in which I am inside my painter’s studio. I have now painted eight works and am slowly building up a body of work for the October exhibition. It is great to pretend to be an artist like the ones in Joe Fig’s book.

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