Sanlam Portrait Award 2015

Portrait  of COOKIE

This year I have decided to enter the Sanlam Portrait Award 2015. So I took several photographs of my friend Cookie who is Tamil and is very beautiful in an interesting kind of way. She dressed up in a Sari for the occasion and  looks like a queen. When I went to visit her, she showed me a little shrine, like a prayer corner, which has been specially built in their house when they did renovations two years ago. Somehow the shrine stills and quietens the house and seems to be the heart, because that is the first room as you enter Cookie’s house.

Painting a portrait of someone is a privilege, because as some people say, you take a piece, a little bit of their soul. Moroccan people do not like portraits done of themselves for this very reason.

So when l painted Cookie I saw the shy beauty in her. Her eyes are warm and crisp with a sweet welcoming innocence. However, her mouth reveals everything. There is strength there in her words, but also a sense of questioning and MYSTERY. She seems to be the archetype of the mystery of a woman ….  secrets held within.

I thank you Cookie for allowing me to paint your portrait, which I have so much enjoyed doing.

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