I have been working on a new piece, which consists of 4 narrow rectangular canvasses, called, “Four Corners”.

I had spent a couple of weeks drawing from The Bar which is the highest point of a place called The Factory in Grant Avenue in Norwood. This consists of a fairly newly renovated place with the restaurant Vovo Telo, an Antique shop and other various little places such as a glass shop, clothing shop, etc.
I love The Bar as you can see everything in Norwood and my friend, Clare Haynes and myself spent a lot of time there sketching what we could see from The Bar. I sketched all four corners, much to the amusement of the staff, who were extremely kind and helpful.

Since then I have painted from my sketches and found myself being inspired by David Hockney who has done beautiful and magnificent paintings of forests and landscapes. The saying goes that Johannesburg is the largest man-made forest in the world. The Bar at the Factory attests to that. Apart from the two paintings of Grant Avenue, the others show the forest which dominates the work in the background and even the foreground.

I also used extremely bright colours as I wanted to move from the drab buildings of the town in order to show the hidden vibrancy of Johannesburg.
Now it is Spring and my Winter work is over. I have done Spring-cleaning in the garage where I work and I aim to spring into action and work on a possible forth-coming exhibition.

Spring Art

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