As part of my research into all my past diaries of drawings and memories, I came across some little scribbles which I had done when Sarah, my daughter and I went to the circus together. I will never forget that day, as we had received two complimentary tickets to the Rand Show and had decided to go together. It was the highlight of our visit (besides an awful flea-market which Sarah loved).

The show started with a lively entrance of some real cocky clowns who were so funny. I was fascinated and before I knew, out came the diary and I recorded their antics. It was the best circus show that I have ever seen.

A couple of months later, my drawing partner, Clare Haynes, saw the drawings of the clowns and took them to Postnet and had enlarged photocopies made of the drawings. She was so persuasive and encouraging.

Finally, now I have painted the clowns and have just loved doing the work. I just envisaged every moment of that day at the circus and hope viewers of the work will enjoy the clowns as much as I did.clowns

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