This morning I noticed our May Bush has its first white flower. I thought,”Oh no. Not already. Time flies – the first signs of Spring appearing already in August.”

I found that I had a strange feeling in my stomach. It’s almost the middle of August and my exhibition will be opening on the 7th October at Bamboo.  Time flies and I hope that I will be ready by then.

Since I have some sort ADHD as far as time goes, I slavishly write everything down  and I mean EVERYTHING, because I can’t remember the things I have to do as the days go by.

By writing in my diary I find that I feel I have some sort of control over time. I write all the daily chores and events and then put them into space slots. After that my day consists of racing against  time and ticking off the tasks, trying to beat the clock. However, I never keep up with the time that flies. At the end of the day Time has won and I have to start all over again.

So I look at the Maybush and its one white flower. I take a breath, filling my mind with no time and move on to the rest of the day.

Collette Edmonds EXPO invt copy

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