Two and a half years ago my friend, Clare Haynes introduced me to Urban Sketching. Whilst she was in Cape Town on holiday, she discovered a book called, “The Art of Urban Sketching, by  Gabriel Campanario. This book has been compiled of sketches and drawings of artists all around the world. Each artist has a story to tell, which goes with the sketch produced.
So Clare and I decided to do our own urban sketching and since the end of January 2013 we have gone from place to place (usually on a Friday) to find something interesting to draw. Initially we went to restaurants to draw people eating, but since then we have started drawing buildings and sometime their interiors.
Just recently Clare and I discovered a bar called ‘The Factory” which is in Grant Avenue, Norwood. It has been fairly recently built and works together with Vovo Telo, who supplies the food to the patrons of the bar.
To our delight The Factory is the highest structure in Norwood and since it is square and at the top of the building, one has a four-cornered view of Norwood.
This place has become my favourite spot and I have spent many happy hours with a glass of wine doing four urban sketches of the corners of the bar. I am now going to work with these sketches and push them further to really produce something that is special about Johannesburg.
 The Factory West North, URBAN SKETCHING by Collette Edmonds, Artist in Johannesburg

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