I am so lucky that I have Petra Ahlers, who sorts out my Website for me and hundreds of other little things I need done before the exhibition. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs their websites or any other I.T. solution needed.

You know you are getting old when Petra decides to help me find out why my email is not working. You know you are old when she asks very diplomatically

what the pin number for my dongal is. I don’t quite know what a dongal is or that it even had a pin number. I watch with fascination as she expertly opens the dongal open and squints at it, hoping to find something.

My husband, bless him, is one in a million who does everything IT for me, so I have no idea where anything comes from or what it does. I just put my hands on the right keys on the keyboard and away I go.

Only when it doesn’t work, then I have a problem, which either Rick or Petra obligingly help.

Petra is so careful not to embarrass me and very diplomatically makes a phone call to Vox to see what’s going on. She politely tells the voice at the other end that she is helping a person older than herself, who needs to know why the Internet is not working on the computer.

Inside me I giggle and I know I am old when I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Then I think, I may not be that good with computers, but I sure can paint elephants and other interesting stuff which go together to make up the FOUR  exhibition.